Date Presenter Subject Materials
6/7/12 JMLee Overview of VANET Project(11') - Paramics PPT
6/13/12 NWKim Paramics Code Analysis -
JMLee Overview of VANET Project(11') - NS2 (part 1 of 2) PPT Presentation was not completed
Nha Super Vector Machine PPT Presentation was not completed
6/22/12 JMLee ns2 -
Shin project overview
7/4/12 Namwook Paramics code analysis
JMLee Synchronization PPT
Minho ns2: SimTraff PPT
Minho HMCL Summer Plan PPT
7/17/12 Namwook Paramics code analysis HWP
Nha LaTeX: Introduction PPT


Overview of VANET Project(11')

  • Presenter: Jae-Myeong Lee


We're going to review our last year's VANET project, for co-operation and study.
l will explain about VANET project, on two perspectives.
The first one is Quadstone Paramics' Perspective.
"Quadstone Paramics" is a mid-scale traffic simulator, we used.
and the other one is NS2(Network Simulator 2) Perspective.
"NS2" is one of popular network simulators, working on Linux.
You can hear about the summary of VANET project, using two simulators,
algorithms and tricks we used, and structure of source code.


Pattern Recognition

  • Presenter: Nguyen Thi Thanh Nha




LaTeX (scheduled)

  • Presenter: Jae-Myeong Lee


LaTeX is a free computer software for making document followed TeX syntax.
It is necessary to write document, like organization of something,
writing a paper, and etc. our goal is learn how to use LaTeX and TeX syntax.


  • JMLee, MHShin, NWKim, Nha, THKim


  • JMLee, MHShin, NWKim, Nha, THKim, SJPark
  • V2X project schedule
  • Paramics code review (by NW)
    • NetPostOpen() function
    • Mechanism for RSE detection
      • min_dist/ max_dist
      • RSE & link intersection algorithm (by JM, MH)
  • P&N Synchronization Algorithm (by JM)
  • ns2 code: SimTraff (by MH)
  • Summer plan for HMCL
  • For Privacy documents, go to
  • TODO for next meeting
    • NW: Paramics code review, Privacy law review
      • 스마트폰 위치정보 서비스와 프라이버시 이슈
      • 방통위, LBS 활성화를 위한 전기 마련
    • Nha: ns2 cod review
    • JM: KICT document review, Privacy law review
      • 개인정보 보호법의 법적용관계와 입법적과제
      • 위치정보서비스의 법적 쟁점 - 위치정보의 보호와 이용 활성화의 관점에서
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