Current Projects

Standardization & Implementation of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Charging System
Participate and contribute to the international standards (ISO15118, IEC63110, IEC61980, IEC63119) and pilot implementation of the ISO 15118 communication in the context of WPT.
Fund: Hyundai Motors Laboratory through Hyundai NGV
Duration: Mar 2020 ~ Feb 2021

Building a Test System for the Conformance to ISO 15118 part 8
Test System to test the WiFi communication of EVCC (Electric Vehicle) and SECC (EV-Charger) according to the communication requirements defined in ISO 15118 part 8 (2018).
Fund: Hyundai Motors Laboratory through Hyundai NGV
Duration: Mar 2020 ~ Feb 2021

Blockchain-based EV user identification in place of PKI
Part of Energy Cluster project
Duration: Mar 2018 ~ Feb 2021

Past Projects

PKI development for EV Charging Infrastructure
Duration: Mar 2018 ~ Jan 2020

Deidentification of unstructured data

Fund: Small Business Promotion Agency
Duration: Mar 2018 ~ Feb 2019

Information escalation attack on the mobile users' privacy
Fund: NRF
Duration: Mar 2017 ~ Feb 2020

High performance mobile cloudlet system for collaborative computation and sensing
Fund: Korea Communications Commission (방송통신위원회)
Duration: from Mar 2013 to Feb 2018

V2G Service-Oriented Development
Design & implement & Standardize the V2G charging and discharging system
Fund: IITP
Duration: from June 2016 to May 2018

mprivacy.jpg mPrivacy
Preserving user privacy in smartphone.
Fund: National Research Foundation (한국연구재단)
Duration: from May 2012 to April 2015

V2G Interoperability
Design & implement an interoperability testing system of EV charging system
Fund: Ministry of Knowledge Economy(지식경제부)
Duration: from Dec 2011 to Nov 2014

Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
Simulation Framework for VANET, and Intelligent Traffic Control

Neighbor Graphs
Towards efficient and secure mobility support in Wireless LAN and Inter-networking

Privacy-aware Opportunistic Sensing System

Remote Health Monitoring
Design and implementation of Remote Health Montioring systems, and preserving its Security and Privacy

DEMA (Distributed Exponential Moving Average)
Multiple query scheduling for distributed semantic caches



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Technical Report

  • "The Design of Efficient Internetwork Authentication for Ubiquitous Wireless Comm.", Minho Shin, Justin Ma, and William A. Arbaugh, Tech. Report of University of Maryland, 2004 (CS-TR-4617, UMIACS-TR-2004-59)


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